After gaining a Diploma and Degree in Fashion Design from college & university, along with the nickname “RAUS, a play on her surname “ROSS”, Danielle started a menswear line known for her statement jackets and innovative designs. In 2017 we created made to order pieces and were featured in Highsnobiety, Hypebeast, Warp Magazine Japan. In January 2018  RAUS  showcased our debut Autumn Winter 2018 collection at London fashion week mens official designer showrooms. In February 2018 our RAUS  jacket was  purchased & was worn at the Brit Awards by Brit Award winning rapper Stormzy, & featured in Vogue.

Our work has also been requested by numerous celebrities,featured in music videos and editorials such as COMPLEX magazine and Notion Magazine. Also worn by Mr Eazi, Burna Boy, Wstrn, Shakka etc …RAUS is an exhaustive study of conceptual  texture & detail. For spring summer 2019, RAUS explores the war between light and darkness represented within monochrome colours and textures.

Initially inspired by the refractions of light seeping through the woodland sculpture interiors of Gaudi’s Sarga Di Familiar Cathedral in Barcelona, projecting in tiny snippets of light as a spectrum onto the cathedral floor. I  like the idea of the light trying to escape through the darkness which is why i’ve created clothes with textural depth that overlay and reveal the garments true beauty when held up to the light. The perspective that everything changes once illuminated, It’s almost a spiritual observation that everything looks more beautiful while held up to the light, and asking the rhetorical question why that is.

The palette is richly drenched in blacks and white, mostly to focus attention to the specific textures and interesting details of the garments – handwoven fabric which represents theRAUS signature style and the complexity of two natures intertwining. The fashion film was to represent rebirth, the old and tainted buried away like a messed up keepsake to be found and buried for future generations, to show the transition of coming from the darkness to light.