Lautēm originates from the passion for things well done, the attention to details, the constant search for excellence. Attention paid to volumes, proportions and details in order to create an object that is essentially beautiful and functional.Fashion accessories are an important part of the message a woman gives with her style. Lautēm design confers on the object a strong personality, perfect for women that define their own style regardless of other people says and that are able to appreciate elegance and beauty in an object for what it is.We believe that luxury is about feeling special. In a globalized world where you can see the same models and patterns repeating everywhere it is good to have something that can declare your independence and your personality with style.

Lautēm is committed with the society we live in, because excellence means also taking care of customers and all the people participating in the supply chain. All the production is located in Spain and Lautēm is concerned for the right compensation for all the people involved in it. Lautēm fix a price that can be considered high compared to other products produced in countries with cheap labour, but reflects the real cost of excellence. Lautēm is committed not to spend too much money in marketing campaign in order to not reverse the cost on the customer. Fashion moves fast but we don’t. We prefer to enjoy life at a slower pace. There is no need to hurry, if you want to join us there are plenty of seats. We will create few models each year without looking at the imperatives dictated by seasonalities. Haste is the enemy of excellence. We will just create beautiful objects made to last and enjoy.