Born to a family of carpenters in the German countryside, Johannes Boehl Cronau learnt the craft of creation from a young age. After making the move to Paris where he studied fashion design at Parsons, he went on to pursue an internship in Antwerp with Haider Ackermann, where he gained invaluable industry experience and design knowledge.

2015 saw Johannes’s induction into the renowned Womenswear Design Masters Program at London’s Central Saint Martins, allowing for full indulgence into the world of experimentation, research and creative expression within design.  Through spending time between studies embarking on research trips to Japan, the Middle East and Italy, Johannes found his inspiration by taking cues from global traditional values and forward-thinking sartorial craftsmanship.

The serene Japanese aesthetic in which the poignancy of a raw brushstroke heeds fascination became equally as alluring as the elegant gestures of Renaissance Master Piero Della Francesca, who definitively depicted antique drapery next to contemporary costume. Armed with constant curiosity and an unwavering affinity for the emotional nature of dressing, Johannes Boehl Cronau aims to present an ever-changing yet consistent body of work; one whose oeuvre is shaped by a timeless narrative and intuitive approach.