The first 11 bows that Eugene sewed in her spare time, were presented at a house party. Mini collection was such a success that it allowed the designer to strengthen faith in herself. The most successful models so far are included in the basic line and headed the most popular top brand products. Inviting Perevalova Yulia to share a partnership and to take on all strategic issues, the designer focused on creating collections.

Without investments the brand developed small (steps in the direction we were aiming at). The studio was for outside of the city, where the first Laroom tailor was hired and the very first store sale took place. In 2013 Laroom opened a showroom in Strastnoy Boulevard, in the same year the brand participated in the first show under Mersedes-benz Fashion Week Russia. Laroom brand is constantly evolving and has an amazing supporters in Russia, such as: Ksenia Sobchak, Elena Kuletskaya, Irina Tchaikovsky, Daria Lisichenko, Olympiada, Elena Krygina, Jana Raskovalova, Vera Brezhneva, Inna Malikova Belotserkovskaya Nick, Julia Kovalchuk and others.

In the age of the pursuit of success dedication, professionalism and leadership overshadow feminine qualities. Laroom, however, aims to bring the feminine style back to the lives of contemporary women. The main concept behind LAROOM is to give a modern woman an option for being graceful, sophisticated, cosmopolitan and yet to retain her feminine allure. The basis of each seasonal collection consists of evening and cocktail dresses, giving romance and sensuality. In concise, the silhouettes trace the main theme of the brand disguised sexuality.

Deaf collars, sleeves with cuffs and clean line silhouettes create the idea of noble attractiveness. The company only uses materials of the highest quality and natural origin. Laroom works closely with the fabric manufactures in Italy, the country that is greatly appreciated as one of the best quality textile producers in the World. However, to ensure the highest quality of the fabric used for the garment production, Laroom uses small manufactories, where fabric is made in a tradition of a family business. Specialties of the brand are thin materials such as chiffon, crepe de chine and silk combined with a constant thrive and numerous experiments by Laroom designers to achieve the perfect fit! Eugene Legkodymova is a main artistic force behind the brand, she is a fashion designer and a creative visionary. After a successful completion of her Fashion Design degree, she worked for a several years in a garment production domain in Italy. Eugene has also gained invaluable insights of extensively growing Russian fashion design and the needs of a modern Russian woman through her collaborative work with the leading Russian fashion designers for more than 5 years.